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What is Permanent Cosmetics?
Also known as permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing, or micropigmentation. The process involves the actual tattooing of sterile pigment into of the skin. Common procedures include eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, full lips. And areola. Permanent cosmetics can subtly enhance your natural beauty to create Perfectly arched eyebrows, smudge-proof eyeliner, and youthful, well-proportioned lips. New technology and innovative processes make permanent cosmetic safe, pain-less, and affordable for anyone who desires the wonderful, timeless and time saving benefits.
  permanent makeup

How safe is it?
Mrs. Park received her primary aesthetic education in Georgia. Since then, she has expanded her training by becoming a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and a National Certified Medical Aesthetician Specialist. In 2004, she received the highest standard in skin care and body1 work, the prestigious International CIDESCO Diploma.

How safe is it?
With every procedure we apply sterile, FDA approved, MRI safe pigments, using 100% disposable needles, brushes, and cups. For decade, these pigments have been used in medical field and have an extensive safety record. With the application of topical anesthetics and our state of art Kryo- Liner technology (a cooling mechanism to minimize bleeding, swelling, and pain), the process results in little to no discomfort. Slight swelling will Occur with the lip and eyeliner procedures, but usually subsides in 24 hours.

How long does it last?
Average treatment will last about 40-60 minutes, and another touch up session in 4 weeks is recommanded. With proper care (sun screen and Moisturizer) a completed procedure will last 3-10 years depending upon color and skin tone.

Can I choose the Color and Shape?
With over 30 colors and customizable shades, we are sure that we will select the perfect blend of colors to suit your natural skin tone and lifestyle. Our internationally certified aesthetician will also guide your choice of shape to enhance and add definition to your entire face.

Can it be changed or be Removed?
Because of the nature of permanent cosmetic procedures, alteration may result in scares or other complications. Although slight changes can be Made to color and shape, in order to avoid painful removal procedures, we assure you we will do it perfect the first time!

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