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permanent facial art

Eyebrow ($ 650 ~ up)
Perfectly arched eyebrows define facial features by balancing the entire face. This procedure provides dramatic improvement to those with sparse, Uneven, thin, or droopy eyebrows. It is an easy way to stay beautiful in your active lifestyle. (Includes one touch up in 4 weeks)

Eyeliner ($600 ~ up)
Are you tired of your eyeliner running and smudging? This procedure, great for people with allergies and bad eye sight, will save you time. You will always look alert and it will define pale lashes to open Your eyes up! (Includes one touch up in 4 weeks)

Lip Liner / Lip Shading ($600 ~ up)
Are you ready to dramatically reshape your thin or uneven lips? This procedure lines or shades the vermilion border with natural lip color, brightening your entire face. Never worry about lipstick bleeding again And it also minimizes the lines around the mouth! (Includes one touch up in 4 weeks)

Full Lip Shading ($1200 ~ up)
Average treatment will last about 40-60 minutes, and another touch up session in 4 weeks is recommanded. With proper care (sun screen and Moisturizer) a completed procedure will last 3-10 years depending upon color and skin tone.

Areola Area ($1200 ~ up)
Scar correction or add pigment after a mastectomy or any breast augmentation.

Scar / Camouflage ($300/30min)
Corrective application of colors to scars and losses of pigmentation. We can treat hypo-pigmentations, vitiligo, and alopecia.

Additional Adjustments ($300/30min)
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