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(All treatments are customized for individuals’ needs.)

Deep pore cleaning facial: $80
This is very first step to excellent skin care. We will select pure botanical products to meet your individual skin type and conditions. The treatment includes a three step cleansing, an exfoliation, an ozone vapor, an anti-stress massage, extractions, and a customized herbal mask.  This is a great treatment for women and men of all ages!

Anti-aging facial: $100
Give your skin a boost with an AHA/BHA exfoliation. We provide special special blends of botanical serums and essential oils to stimulate cell growth and nourish the skin. It also includes a specialized anti-aging facial massage with warm steam and a hydration mask that will leave your skin supple, soft, and balanced.

Bacial: $90
Treat your neglected back to a deep pore enzyme exfoliation that will remove all dead skin and soap build up. This treatment consists of relaxing hot steam bath, a professional back massage, and a customized herbal mask to hydrate and balance the back. Great for athletes and for special occasions (Prom, Wedding)


Full face collagen mask $30
Try the transDermal Delivery System. Used for extremely dry, dehydrated, pigmented skin. Great for special occasions and a must for Wedding Party!

Hand Treatment: $40
This three step process includes a glycolic exfoliation of the hands, a pressure point massage, and a luxurious silk mask that will leave your hard working hand soft, supple, and hydrated.

* Professional home regimens are recommended for best results *

Ultra Microdermabrasion
We use state art Piezoelectric Bi-Elastin Waves, a non-invasive and anon-aggressive method of micro dermabrasion. We also utilize a specialized activation disk, and a modified Lotti micro laser to treat fine lines, deep wrinkles, discoloration, pigmentation, acne, oily skin, dry/dehydrated skin and pre-maturely aged skin.


- Full face: $150
- Neck/Check: $100
- Hands/Arms: $180
(4-12 Treatments are recommended for the best results)

" Erase the Sings of Aging!!!    Discover the Fountain of Youth "

Chemical Resurfacing (Peeling)
If you have problems such as oily/acne, Rosacea/Hypersensitive skin, Hyperpigmentation/Melasma, fine or deep lines, constant dehydration, we can help. Please schedule a consultation for your personalized combination of chemical resurfacing, microdermabrasion, and laser treatment.

- Pumpkin/Papaya Enzyme: $50(single)
- Blueberry Smoothie : $50(single)
- Benefit/ Purity Peel : $150(single), $400(package)
- Blueberry Jessener's : $150(single), $400(package)
- Deep Sea Peel : single: $250(single), $600(package)
- Timeless Retinol Peel : $250(single), $600(package)
- L-TCA Peel : single: $300(single), $700(package
(Peel Package includes Pre/Post care kit and 2 peels)

Skin Irregularities (Laser Treatment)
With the combination of laser and Cryotherapy, you can remove unwanted facial and body irregularities within seconds. With the controlled Tissue Response, you can rely on a safe, virtually pain-free, and excellent clinical outcome every time!

- Hyper pigmentation. Sun Damage
- Skin Tags (Acrochordon)
- Spider Naevi, Red mole, Naevi (mole)
- Telangiectasis-rosacea
- Cholesterol Deposits
- Acne, Pimples, Milia
- Tattoo Removal

Makeup Artistry (Makeup Application)
(Bridal Makeup includes one practice session! Ask about our special Bridal Party discounts!)

- Lash Tinting : $20
- Brow Tinting : $15
- Lash Perm : $55
- Bridal Makeup : $150
- Evening Makeup : $80
- Makeup w/Lesson : $70

Eyelash Extension
These eyelash enhancement last 2 months or longer and look like your own real lashes. These natural, weightless, comfortable lashes are water resistant, even to your own tear and seat. Perfect for every day wear or just for your special occasions! Available for both men and women. A secret of many stars and models.

- $400+$65 (Touch up)
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